Chiller & Boiler Lockouts - All You Need to Know

What is a Chiller & Boiler Lockout?

Chiller and Boiler Lockouts are an energy efficiency control logic available in your Building Management System (BMS) that act to limit unnecessary cooling on cooler days or prevent unnecessary heating on warmer days.

When working correctly the chilled water system is prevented from operating when the building’s outside air temperature is below the Chiller Lockout Setpoint. Conversely the heating hot water system will be prevented from operating when the outside air temperature is above the Boiler Lockout Setpoint.

Here are 4 simple steps you can follow to take control of your Chiller and Boiler lockouts to reduce energy wastage without compromising on tenant comfort.

Step 1 - Locate the Chiller/ Boiler system summary page

Each BMS will look slightly different, however the majority will have a Chiller System ‘Overview, Parameters or Summary’ page for the Chilled Water System.

For the Hot Water system navigate to the Hot Water / Boiler summary page.

Step 2 - Identify the lock out setpoints

Determine whether or not adjustment is required. As a general rule CIM recommends Chiller Lockout Temperature Setpoints are set to at least above 17°C and Boiler Lockout Temperature Setpoints are set below 16°C.

Step 3 - Changing the setpoint

Once you have determined that the setpoint can be optimised.

  1. Hover over and then right click on the current setpoint. A pop-up should appear giving you the option to ‘Change Value’. Select this option.

  2. Input the new value (per step 2 above)

  3. Add a comment for future reference - ‘Adjusted for Spring 2021’

  4. ‘Confirm’ or ‘Apply’ the change

  5. Return to the previous graphics page and ensure that the new value has been updated as per your adjustment

Step 4 - Communicate the change in PEAK

Add a comment to PEAK Actions to notify all parties of the change.

Contact CIM Engineering Support if you are unsure how to make the change or if the above options are unable to be found.